Does my heat pump really have mould in it?

With the possible exception of a laboratory Petri Dish, there may be no environment more perfectly suited for growing and spreading microorganisms than a conventional Heat Pump.

All it takes to start producing mould is a little of the water that’s ever-present in all heat pumps, and some dust, another ingredient that’s never in short supply, to start producing mould.

Where do the dust mites come from ?

It is often dirt, skin cells, or fabric fibers, but could be more or less anything that could dry and flake off. Books, carpet, rugs, upholstered furniture, fireplaces, and pets all contribute to the dust load.

More than 42,000 dust mites can be found in a single ounce of dust.

Dust mites excrete toxic fecal matter that can cause allergies and asthma.

What causes that smell ?

The musty or mouldy smell is a sign that something is not right in your home. 

Mouldy and musty smells are similar in nature and both are caused by the presence of mould or mildew.

Essentially, all mould needs to grow is the presence of mould spores, a surface to grow on, warmth, darkness, oxygen, and moisture.

What is the barrel fan ?

Simply put, a barrel fan roughly the length of the heat pump, pulls air through filters on the top of the machine. This air then flows over the coil where it is either warmed or cooled.

From there it is returned into the room. The air coming back into the room is unfiltered. This is an important point which you should remember as you read.

What is PermaSafe ?

PermaSafe is a unique, multifunctional, long-term antimicrobial HVAC surface and air protection system that eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses

  • Destroys mould and prevents regrowth

  • Eliminates & helps prevent future odours

  • Eliminates dust mites & other allergens

  • Continuously purifies HVAC systems air

  • Helps prolong HVAC component life

Even more remarkably, the PermaSafe System can last and remain antimicrobially effective for months* … and all without the use of any harsh chemicals.

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Great service fast and efficient everything is left clean and tidy when finished and smelling fresh.
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What people are saying

Fast, efficient, and courteous – thank you Tony, pleasure to have you over! Lots of great advice on how to care for our heat pump so that it continues to perform. Super clean now, smells great, and gained extra 20% heat efficiency just by cleaning it out – amazing!


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Friendly, courteous, efficient and thorough. Our dog, who seems to be a good judge of character, did not nut off at Tony… so that is a good recommendation.

It is relatively simple for anybody to clean parts of their own air conditioner, but to thoroughly clean the fins and tubes etc it is best to have the specialised equipment that is designed for the task. And it is even better if a trained and experienced technician operates the equipment.

I recommend Tony and will not hesitate to call him again next time we need the job done. And if our system is to be efficient… using minimum power to move the heat that we need…. then regular cleaning is desirable.

– Stephen

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