Airify is New Zealand's largest specialist Heat Pump Cleaning and Servicing company. Airify performs on-going maintenance on all domestic Heat Pumps, including Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Panasonic etc.

Heat Pumps are required to be maintained in tenanted properties under the new Healthy Homes Standards and 12 monthly servicing is recommended for all heat pumps by the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority.

Airify uses the latest injection system technique to ensure your heat pump is maintained in accordance with regulations. This ensures your heat pump is not only working at peak efficiency, but it is also healthy for your home and residents.

An unmaintained heat pump can cause respiratory issues, mould and bacteria can build up inside the unit. It also reduces the life-span of your heat pump as it has to work harder to maintain its set temperature, which also consumes more power.

Airify does more than just clean the filters! Our Premium Heat Pump Service comprises over 30 checks on your heat pump system, inside and outside unit, to ensure it is performing at its best and complying with EECA's Good Practice Guide.

Heat pumps offer a great advantage because they move heat instead of generating heat, making your home more energy efficient. When your home becomes cold, the pump extracts heat from outside and transfers it inside. Heat pumps can provide equivalent space conditioning at as little as one quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances.

Unfortunately, though, when the outside air drops below 15 degrees Celsius, the average above-ground heat pump finds is very difficult to extract heat from this already cold air. To help your system work as efficiently as possible, follow these six tips.

1. Protect your pump from the elements.

Keep snow, ice and leaves away from the outdoor unit. This includes the top, sides and bottom.

2. Be proactive when it comes to build-up.

Make it a habit to look at the outdoor heat pump during the winter months for signs of excessive ice or snow build-up on or around the heat pump. This is especially important after bad weather

3. Remove all snow or ice.

If the unit is covered in snow or ice, the elements must be removed for it to work properly. Turn the thermostat to emergency heat or the off position while removing the buildup. To melt the snow and ice, pour warm water or even cold hose water on top.

4. Practice caution when cleaning.

Don't use any sharp objects to pick or knock the ice off the coils of the heat pump. This could cause severe damage and personal injury. Once the unit is clear of snow and ice, turn the thermostat back to normal heating. If the unit ices up again, call for service.

5. Keep your heat pump away from gutters.

Don't let the outdoor unit sit underneath a leaking gutter. In the winter months, water will drip on the top of the unit and freeze solid. This will restrict the air flow and cause the whole unit to freeze-up.

6. Make sure your heat pump stays elevated.

Heat Pumps should be elevated 4 to 8 inches above ground level to keep coils clear of snow and ice and to allow for proper drainage.

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