Airify is New Zealand's largest specialist Heat Pump Cleaning and Servicing company.  Airify does more than just clean the filters! Our Premium Heat Pump Service comprises over 30 checks on your heat pump system, ensuring the inside and outside units are performing to their best and complying with Healthy Homes Standards.

Airify has developed a revolutionary system to restore a heat pumps efficiency close to its original condition. Dont get confused with other copycat companies. We use a specially designed system to flush contaminants from deep inside the heat pumps coils, cleaning and servicing the heat pump leaving it looking new and operating efficiently. 

An unmaintained heat pump can cause respiratory issues and mould and bacteria to build up inside your heat pump, reducing the life-span and causing it to work harder to maintain its set temperature, which also consumes more power.

NEW Healthy Homes Standards

There is a fine of $7200 if a landlord fails to comply with any of the Healthy Homes Standards that became law on 1st July 2019, whether the property is non-compliant on one or all of the standards

Where any technical knowledge or any specific tools or skills are required to maintain the heat pump or the filters are not easily accessible, the landlord is generally required to maintain the device including cleaning any filters. This comes under their obligation to keep heater(s) in good working order.

See page 10 of "Learn more" 

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